Oh yes - you wanna know About Us!

We'ed love to tell you about us!  Weed Got Style was created out of love for the Cannabis flower and fashion.  We wanted the clothes and we couldn't find them, so we brought our dream to you.  We are an all women-owned company, passionate about creation, quality of products, and life!  We care for our Earth and really enjoy the beauty of all blossoms - especially the intricacy of the form and the medicinal uses of the marijuana flower buds.  There is nothing else like them in our fascinating world.

Because of our enthusiasm about protecting the planet that we all live on, we try our best to provide the most natural fabrics and most sustainable processes to bring you fashion with these flowers. No longer will anyone be a wallflower wearing floral print.  With this look, you'll flaunt your figure with style!  We hope you love your purchases as much as we love creating them!